§ The Development team

Velvet Remedy (Velvet_Remedy_)

Project Lead / Primary Texture Artist

PCelestia (_autumn_blaze)

Website Maintenance / General Texture Artist

ZeldaLink / SolisLink

Models / Texture Artist


Models / Texture Artist


CTM Manager / Pack Maintenance

Thunder Kick

Texture Artist

Sollace (Sollace)

GitHub Manager / Pack Maintenance

SkyArrow (__SkyArrow__)

Website Maintenance

Vayandas (Vayandas)

Texture Artist

Ivan Sokolov (keupoz_)

Website Maintenance

§ Special thanks

This resource pack has come a long way and has been touched by many different people, we would like to make sure that each and every one of these people is credited. If you have worked on this pack and are not listed here please contact us via Discord to get you added.