Old Java Edition releases


Java Edition

After downloading the zip file, simply put it in resourcepacks folder:

  • %APPDATA%\.minecraft\resourcepacks on Windows
  • ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/resourcepacks on macOS
  • ~/.minecraft/resourcepacks on Linux

Finally, open Minecraft resourcepacks settings and choose just installed resource pack.

Bedrock Edition

  • Download the Love-and-Tolerance.mcpack and any other additional packs from the section above.

  • Double click on the downloaded packs to install them.

  • Please order the packs like this by clicking on the pack and using the arrows to move it.

    Resourcepacks order

  • For changing selected Subpack click on the desired pack and select the gear icon. (Note! The seasons pack defaults to Spring, the music pack defaults to music A, and the holiday pack defaults to Hearts & Hooves.)

    Selected resourcepacks

  • Use the slider to pick the desired variation of the pack.

    Resourcepack settings