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Hello, and welcome to the home of Love and Tolerance, a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-inspired resource pack!

However, this is only in the sense that it's brightly colored and features some mild pony references, meaning it's not overtly pony-themed and won't make your world look totally different.

This Resource Pack:

Bright Colors

Is brightly colored, but not pink and girly! Just like the show.


Features pony pictures as paintings.

Close to Vanilla

Being similar to the default textures, your builds won't look completely different.


Is the best way to explore Equestria.

Custom Models

Has awesome custom models for doors, trapdoors, lanterns, and many more in our 3d add-on pack.

Texture Variants

Has varied textures for ore, dirt, and many more with an add-on pack.

Connected Textures

Has support for Optifine connected textures in an add-on pack.

Add-on Packs

Has various add-on packs to customize the look and feel of the pack.


Available for both Java and Bedrock(MCPE and Win10)..

Mine Little Pony

Goes well with Mine Little Pony, a mod that changes the player and creatures into ponies.

Fluttershy's Review

If you're still not convinced, click on Fluttershy to get her opinion.

Fun Fact

This pack's style is used in Jan Animation Studios' popular animation "Don't Mine at Night"