A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Inspired Resource Pack!

However, this is only in the sense that it's brightly colored and features some mild pony references, meaning it's not overtly pony-themed and won't make your world look totally different.

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Java Edition
Java Edition
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Bright Colors

Brightly colored textures, but not pink and girly! Just like the show

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Features pony pictures as paintings

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Close to Vanilla

Being similar to the default textures, doesn’t make your builds look completely different

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Ponified Mobs

Compatible with Mine Little Pony ponified mobs

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Available for both Java and Bedrock (MCPE and Windows 10) editions

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Add-on Packs

Has various add-on packs to customize the look and feel of the pack


Did you know?

This pack's style is used in Jan Animation Studios' popular animation "Don't Mine at Night"