Newer versions of Minecraft allow you to have more than one resource pack active at a time, so we decided to create some add-on packs to customize your experience with our texture pack.


How to install addon packs

  1. Install this pack as you would normally do
  2. Make sure that the pack is moved above the regular pack, and any other packs you have installed.
  3. Use the smaller triangles to move the pack up/down the list. The higher a pack is in the list, the higher priority it will have when being loaded. This means that the game will load the textures from the highest pack first. If a texture is present in more than one pack, the texture from the highest pack will be used

Love & Tolerance Spring Edition

Includes spring based textures to theme your Minecraft experience.

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Blue UI Addon Pack (WIP)

A nice new fancy blue UI for Love and Tolerance, also works great with any other texture pack.

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Optifine Addon

Adds connected textures and variants with Optifine.

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3D Models Addon Pack (WIP)

Includes the custom 3d models for the pack.

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Classic Textures Addon

Includes any of the original textures of the pack with variants for vanilla and Optifine.

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Bronydog Textures Addon

Includes some alternative textures and GUI done by Bronydog.

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Alt Door Addon Pack

Includes an alternative set of textures for some of the doors.

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3D Alt Doors Addon Pack (WIP)

Includes the alt door textures with custom 3d models.

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